Friday, December 23, 2005

Cincinnati Roundup

A mosque was bombed in Cincinnati if you didn't hear. If I was following the template provided to those commenting when muslims attack I'd say that this is sad and trajic but these muslims need to understand the underlying causes of the anger that drives someone to carry out one of these acts....but that would be wrong.

And it isn't 'hateful' as the headline says. It's criminal. Why is the motivation (unknown at this time) more important than the act. It's actions that matter.

Bombing a storefront mosque or church or abortion clinic seems like a cowardly thing to do. If you have a problem with them, confront them head on. Don't hid behind some schematic you found on the internet and $20 worth of junk from the hardware store. Confront them. It's no better than hiding under a sheet or in a mob.

Oh, and another thing...there's a huge Mosque just off I-75 highway north of town and with all the crap flying around about Muslims over the last few years no one has touched that place. Redneck America has left them along. There's another one off the same highway south of Toledo that's still standing - minarets and all.
One of the best stations in the country is woxy which is just out of range where I live unless the wind is blowing right. I don't even have it programed on my car. But I just found it on iTunes and they stream and I have it going all day. Cool!
The Bengals are the AFC north champions. I went out shopping last night and every overweight guy in Cincinnati that can't run 100 yards is wearing strips. It was quite a few years ago in the early years of Jeff Blake's tenure as QB here that I decided that watching a gov't subsidized stadium'd NFL team with a multi-year losing record just wasn't the right way to spend my time. I swore I wouldn't watch football until the Bengals finished a season with a winning record. They've done it. I still don't feel like watching.
Writing of football, Colts (the other team I followed that had a losing record until I moved away) head coach Tony Dungy's son has killed himself. He looks like a nice guy. He was rich, nice looking, 18, in college, with a girlfriend. Too bad. Depression can get you no matter what. It's a wicked thing. My cousin killed himself when he was 16 (I was a few years younger) and I saw how it affected his parents (my favorite aunt and uncle). But as a kid you have no idea the pain of a parent. I don't know how the Dungy's can cope with it. they have 5 others so I guess you carry on for them...but still.
Merry Christmas!

Stay You.
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