Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Father Snaps

So a skinny girl, groggy and sleepy, but with a little bit of the Christmas glow picks up her boyfriend in the early chill before they both go to work together at Mickey D's. He rushs out to meet her in the driveway, gets in the car and says that her dad just called and her mom has had a bad accident at home. They rush back, walk in the door.

It's a 6 a.m. ambush. Her father kills them with a .50 caliber rifle as they walk in the door. He's already killed his wife - her mother - and the family dog.

This happened yesterday. Too close to my house - walking distance.

What pain was this girl living with? She was 18. Almost out of there.

Luckily no cop was killed. The last police office killed (click officer's memorial) in Newport was the son and brother of clients. It happened about this time of the year in 1984. His little kids are now in college. I can't imagine the fear these cops live with. Their wives live with. This guy had an arsenal. It's a nice street. A subdivision with small homes and rollings hills.

But still what did they have to see?

If you click the pictures, you'll see our coroner Mark Schweitzer. I have a profile of him appearing sometime soon. What did he have to look at? How does he not go home to his 5 young and pretty kids and wife and say to hell with it. I don't want to look at that. He's got a business and enough kids he could lose himself in. But I trust he's doing a good job. But why?

What kind of pain is out there?

Stay You.
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