Monday, December 12, 2005

Grumpy and Grouchy About Life and the U.N.

I'm in a dark, pissy, bitchy, damp and dank mood that only a muscle tear at the gym can pull me out of today...but at least I'm not a Jew*....or a Chinaman** who can vote. If I was, then the U.N. wouldn't even acknowledge my goddamn existence.

Over the weekend Mark Steyn drew my attention with this story to this post (site?). The Iranian president wants to wipe Israel from the map figuratively (he literally wants to exterminate the Jews) and the U.N. actually does it literally. I've never gotten an answer to my questions - why do some many people dislike Jewish people? I don't get it.

That follows up on a tid bit from this story from the U.N. (3rd paragraph from the bottom) where the U.N. named the People's Republic of China (ChiComs) as a founding member of that august body when it was actually the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Chinese democracy would be non-existent if it was left up to the U.N. How about giving the 7th Fleet the Nobel Peace prize instead of hopefully dead-by-the-time-you-read-this Tookie?

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*Jew- I wrote that in jest. Is it just me or is Jewish much more polite than Jew. I don't think either is wrong, but I picture Jew being snarled by some bigot and Jewish not. If you want to read a story in the Enquirer I did today about a Jewish foundation wanting to help folks in Northern Kentucky, click here.

**Chinaman- that's what my grandfather called anyone from Japan to Pakistan. Cute, eh?

Stay You.
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