Monday, December 05, 2005

Howard's Back

Where have I been? Where haven't I been?

This weekend The Divine Mrs. M and I finally had our annivesary dinner which I've worked into a story for the Enquirer. Like how I do that? I can now make a buck off a romantic evening - and make a fancy dinner tax deductible!

I've been doing stories for the Enquirer also - here's two from this past weekend. Very pedestrian and very boring. Yes? However, they pay the bills and they lead to other more interesting work. Also, the quality of people I'm working with is excellent. Oh, and I also do a weekly police report for the river city of Covington. Here's last week's. Covington has a population of about 45,000 - the fourth largest city in Kentucky. It's considered by many to be crime ridden but it's trying to fight back. I know it mostly by the police reports. Assaults, burglaries, rapes, crack crimes and the general stupidity of the poverty ridden. It's sad really, because it's almost like they can't learn. Who is teaching them?

Stay You.
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