Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Some Fellow Named Mohamed

I should stay busy today. So briefly from Mark Steyn:
These days, whenever something goofy turns up on the news, chances are it involves a fellow called Mohammed. A plane flies into the World Trade Centre? Mohammed Atta. A gunman shoots up the El Al counter at Los Angeles airport? Hesham Mohamed Hedayet. A sniper starts killing petrol station customers around Washington, DC? John Allen Muhammed. A guy fatally stabs a Dutch movie director? Mohammed Bouyeri. A terrorist slaughters dozens in Bali? Noordin Mohamed. A gang-rapist in Sydney? Mohammed Skaf.
I'm still waiting for that prominent Muslim cleric to announce that all of these don't represent Islam. Instead, I all I hear from Muslim cleric - when I hear anything at all - is how racist we are for thinking Muslim's might be terrorist. Arabic Kurt Cobains - "All Apologist".

Oh, and here's a story I did on two young dancer's from the Cincinnati Ballet.

Stay You.
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