Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chuckle Chuckle, Oh! Iran has Nukes

Zoomtown was down most of today for our side of town. I think I began to go through withdrawal.

Anyway, sorry for the swearing yesterday. Moonbatty seemed to take exception to it. When the Divine Mrs. M. reads about my "being proper and never swearing" she'll have a chuckle. Maybe two chuckles. She once said to me, "You know, it's possible to say good morning without using the f-word."

I do swear more than I should. But what are you going to do. I don't here normally because i never know who may be reading (i.e. a client who may be offended.) They may not get offended by my right wing rants, but a swear sometimes sends people over the edge.

Here's a geopolitical question to ask yourself re: Iran. Which country least needs a nuclear reactor for energy production? If you answered, the one sitting on the 4th largest oil reseve in a politically unstable part of the world, you're right! Iran wants the nukes for one reason. The only reason. Power. The power to oppress their own people and the power to impose their beliefs on other people.

Vodka pundit has a nice post of the situation. Time to bone up on Iran. It's about to simmer over.

Have a happy f#@%in' day.

Stay You.
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