Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport History

Ever have a layover in Cincinnati? Well, you weren't in Cincinnati. You were about 10 miles south in Northern Kentucky. How'd this happen? Here's my story on it.

I submitted the story awhile ago and it finally ran today. I have another one submitted to the Challenger about The Divine Mrs. M and I's 10th anniverary dinner. I incorporated it into a restaurant review. This Tuesday I conduct another roundtable discussion of CPAs about tax issues. Much one I did last year. Does that sound extremely boring to anyone else? I even have an accounting degree and it sounds boring.

The kid in the picture is son of a woman at my church - the church I'm not at right now. His mother came over to work on some church stuff with The Divine Mrs. M and I offered he asked if he could play on the computer. His website of choice was A little strange, but what the heck. His mother said he likes punching in different flight plans. Yes, a little strange, but I like strange kids. When the airport history story came up, I thought, "Let's use Alex as a nice hook to the story. It puts a face on it." I also liked that he was born Korean and that gave a little international flair to an airport story.

Alex is adopted from Korea. His mother is a Lutheran, his father is Jewish - how's that for diversity! It makes for some interesting times because Alicia has a Bush sticker on her micro-SUV and Alex's mother has had various stickers including Kucineh, Dean, and Kerry. Along with typewritten claims taped about how "Bush Lied, People Died" and "no blood for oil" All very boring, but we get along even though we were duped by that Chimpy McBushhitler idiot and his brilliant machivallian strategies.

Oh, well. Cute kid!

Stay You.
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