Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Death Talk - Depressing Lines

One of my morning stops is Cathy Seipp's site. She writes mostly about Hollywood/West Coast issues for National Review and Independent Women's Forum. I don't have much interest in those topics but she writes well, her posts are short, and she makes me laugh. Unfortunately, she also has lung cancer. She's never been a smoker, so I guess that's not a requirement.

Today she wrote about dogs and had this seemingly innoucuous but powerful line:
And so on. I really do love Linda, though, and one good thing about my situation is that at least I probably won't outlive my dog.
Incredible thing to write and know expecially when you have a daughter who is only a senior in high school.

On another death front, here's an update on that man who shot his wife, daughter, her boyfriend, two dogs, and cat. Most powerful line in that article:
He said the jail conducted a mental evaluation of Richardson when he was booked and determined there wasn't a high risk of suicide.
That says it all. I'm not up for labeling people crazy. One thing peopel working in my industry have taught me is that many people are just self-absorbed, self-centered aholes. I'd say 90% of investment professionals are. I've been short and I've yelled and I've spoken too roughly to my children at times and the look on their faces crushes me. Sometimes I will haunt me for days. It is the look of betrayal that cuts the deepest.

I'm mostly anti-death penalty, but if this guy isn't on suicide watch then I hope they gas him. Ok, I feel bad about writing that. The Divine Mrs. M. told me that the surviving son mentioned in the article attended our church last year. He has a wife and kid. I sorta remember them. There's too much death.

Finally, on a broader stage, Ariel Sharon might as well be dead by the sounds of it. He's 77, way overweight and in a stressful job. Didn't someone say, "What's the plan sir for the likely to happen." But I don't think that's the way men like them live. Here's a pic of him with Gen. Dayan during the Yom Kippor War. Bandaged, patched...and smiling. Makes my petty worries seem, well, petty.

Here's Charles Krauthammer on Sharon. To end of a positive note, read just the introduction to Wikipedia's bio of Charles Krauthammer. Life goes on and overcomes.

What kind of God makes life so precious but so fragile?

Stay You.
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