Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Journalism, Journalism, Paying the Bills

This work for the Enquirer is starting to pay some bills which is very nice.

However, I did miss a story from the end of last year. Madame Butterfly and Moonbatty should like this story I did about a man who loved dogs. I like dogs in theory, but as far as having a white dog and mostly black slacks and coming home to a hyperactive lab - it's just not for me. Ace, the dog I note in the story, had a little adventure when I was putting this story together. Note to grown and drunk men, don't try to fight a police dog. Way to go Ace!

In a story that will interest not many except those in Newport, Kentucky, here's a story about a nice man who has really shaped his city...and it leaving for Arizona where Madame Butterfly lives.

And here's another for Madame Butterfly. About five minutes walk from my house is the small industrial park with Thomson Enamel's sign hanging out front with others. I think enamel and I think bathtubs. I figured it was some place that did industrial work of some kind.

But Thomson Enamel - and the very interesting 90 year old man who runs the company - in Bellevue Kentucky is the Western Hemisphere's only supplier to glass enamel to jeweler makers. Kinda cool. The glass she works with comes from a place I pass every day.

Stay You.
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