Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just Some Links...and some romance

Anybody out there? Doesn't seem like it. Anyway....

On Friday, the Enquirer published this story I did on the City of Newport applying for a tree grant. It's for the west end of Newport which is a bare and barren place. Trees would be a great improvement.

It's the start of homecoming for Northern Kentucky University (I thought Homecomings were in the fall?) anyway, here's a story about events that happened today. One thing I learned? There's some kind of National Championship for Cheerleading! Yeah, Team! Anyway, NKU won the Division II nationals. Tomorrow is another homecoming story.

Want a little romance? When Alicia and I had our 10-year anniversary I took her out to a local restaurant that the Challenger wanted me to review. They finally printed it here. I had a great time. Alicia had a great time. The story turned out ok, but it read much better when I turned it in. I think I built it up in my mind in the last 2 months. It's still good. The bonus part: the $120 dinner, the $130 room at the hyatt, and the $20 bottle of champagne are now all deductible!

Stay You.
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