Friday, January 20, 2006

The Mother of Lutheranism

Here's a story from today I did on a church in Florence, Kentucky. It's a Lutheran Church celebrating 200 years. That's a big deal this far west.

After submitting the story I notice that 4 the church's 6 founders had the same last name as my church's organist (He attends the church in the story early sunday, then comes to our church to organ for us) has the same last name as some of the founders. I spoke with him last night and yep, he's a direct descendent. I can't imagine having that much history hanging over me. My family was still Scotland clubbing each other on the head over peat in 1806. I can only remember 1 of my great-grandparents first names now. He knows the names of several - they're written all over his church. It would be nice to be that connected, but in a way oppressive.

The church calls itself "The Mother of Lutheranism west of the Allegheny Mountains." Accurate, but not poetic.

Stay You.
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