Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Off the Tracks and a Rap Contest

Jumped in my car at 5:45 this morning. Thought I'd get to the office early and get some work done before anyone else showed up. Windows wouldn't de-ice. I scrapped but there remained a overlay of fog on them. I sat. Reviewed some notes. Still nothing. Foggy. No heat was coming.

Coolant low? I thought. Then like clock work the coolant light chimed on.

I thought I had this problem solved. I had a leak last fall, put in some sealant, but there must still be a small leak. Admittedly I'm cheap. I'd rather experience inconvenience every couple of weeks that pay a few hundred to get the thing fixed right. I had a gallon of coolant in my trunk. Filled her up and was off.

However...it threw off my timing. I got to work 1/2 after what I thought I would. the plans for the morning I made in the shower were already behind schedule and that just takes out all my energy. So I hit every site I like to check and every blog I read and even got distracted by a few things and now it's time to get to work and, as the kids whine, "I just don't wanna!"

Compound that with a meeting tonight that I'm going to make uncomfortable and there's just no motivation for me. bleech.

For those of you following my fledgling journalism career, here's my lastest story on a homecoming event at NKU - a rap contest. The student who organized it seemed like an impressive person. Enjoy.

Stay You.
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