Monday, January 30, 2006

Two Homes

If you like older homes - ones with history - check out my latest article for the Enquirer here. It has everything. Elvis, Sinatra, showgirls and history. It's right across the street from a school that I did a story on. Here's that. It's nice to think of the history just a little ways from my house - see the map. It's in Newport which is one of the cluster of river cities across the river from Cincinnati. Up until recently it was known for it's booze, stripclubs, and crime. From the Prohibition era until the 1960s it was known as a midwestern las vegas. everything was corrupt and anything went. People aged 60+ tell great stories those days. Recenty, an old house near us was renovated. The owners had to take out 25 slot machines from the basement. In the 50s the owners operated an illegal casino. They dot the town.

A bunch of do-gooders cleaned up the place then left. Having cleaned up the only thing making money, the city slid downhill for about 30 years until just recently. It's nice to see and be part of a rebirth.

For another home, check out these pics. The front corner use to be my room back in the day. The front of the house is all gone. It's not nearly as bad as I thought.

That blackened object in the corner was a 1920s Victrola that my grandfather owned. It was full of vinyl albums from the 1920s up to the 1950s that my grandparents owned then their daughters bought. Everything from 1920s bluegrass to Elvis.

But what are you going to do. My mother sent these photos. They said Allstate stopped by Friday morning with a $5,000 check to get clothes and a place to live. they go apartment hunting today.
Stay You.
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