Sunday, January 29, 2006

Where Howard Feeds His Daughters Beef Tongue

Thanks to all for extending your sympathies toward my parents partially burned down house. I spoke with them on Friday afternoon and they were settling down for some sleep.

After my parents called, I called my friend Mike who still lives in Fort Wayne and works third shift. He stopped by at 8 that morning and my dad gave him a tour. The upstairs is burnt up pretty good. My old room now has a great skylight. My dad's office is gone. My sisters old room is fire damaged but the walls are up. Contents are mostly gone. The upstairs bathroom is blackened. The rest of the house wasn't burned too much but what wasn't burned is covered in ash and water and torn up by the firemen working.

The insurance agent stopped by that morning with a $5,000 check so they can get clothes and what not. They're in a hotel until Monday then they move into an apartment. They can't go into the house again until the fire investigators give the ok.
Kudo's to Katie for catching the Emenim reference. Does it bug anyone else that there's doctors out there that are familiar with Mr. Mathers? Or financial advisors?
My eldest, Dagny, is in a basketball league this year. She's the team's best guard, but being about 4 inches shorter than everyone else and not being quite as aggressive and not quite understanding the game, she needs a little work.

I did this story for the Enquirer about the last night of Homecoming and thought it would be good to take her to a college game to see the women play. NKU is a Division II school. The crowd was slightly smaller than my high school basketball games. But she still seemed to enjoy it. I just read the article on the game here and you can see in the pic the Divine Mrs. M. (in black) holding Harper (in white) just between the two players.

We didn't stay for the men's game and the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen. I don't remember bleechers being that hard when I was in high school. We went to a traditional korean restaurant. Here it is. We sat on the floor. I don't remember floors being that hard and I squeezed my legs under the table. We ordered our favorite Bul Go Gi and then tried Hyu Mit Gui. We didn't tell either of the girls that it was beef tongue until we were walking to the car. Although, if you looked at how it's cut, it sure looked like tongue. I wouldn't recommend it - at least cooked that way.
Moonbatty (thanks for the link) is going to the internet for tax advice which is about 1 step better off than going to the internet to try to figure out what the red blotchy patch on your inner thigh is. This reminded me that I moderated a CPA roundtable that appeared in the Sunday Challenger today. Some of it is Kentucky and Ohio related, but much of it is useful. (it's posted as a pdf, but you'll see how it works.)

Stay You.
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