Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You Lousy Readers / GoogleChina-GoogleCheney / Yell Like Hell

OK, we have a problem. My sitemeter says that my average visit count per day is 19. As of this writing I've had 5 visitors today. I don't want to come down too hard on you people but you're really making me mad.

If you're reading this blog you haven't referred your friends enough. You haven't come back enough. You haven't bought enough of my books. I'm a Crunchy Crustacean on the TTLD Ecosytem for god's sake! You're falling done on the job and I won't have it anymore. Straighten up and get to work! The Pure Investor Blog better have 3,500 visitors a day by the end of March or I'm really going to let lose on you people!


Google is refusing to provide the White House with anonymous internet search results on one week on something about porn. Yahoo, MSN, and AOL have already done it without a problem. In certain quarters, google is cheered as a hero. As drudge linked today, google is also doing the Chicoms bidding by censoring what the Chinese people can read. (It reminds me of when the Simpsons went to China and visited Tiananmen Square. A sign hanging from a pagoda shaped building read "On June 4, 1989, Nothing Happened Here.") When google agreed to censor the Chinese people for the Chicom, they hung that sign. Now people will hang longer.

Remember as I wrote in my book, every business is out for the buck. Has anyone given thought to the fact that maybe - just maybe google is fighting Cheney to deflect attention away from their cooperation with the Chicoms?

Please remember what those bastards did to those kids. And who is helping them. Maybe go rent yourself Moving the Mountain.

And here's my latest Enquirer piece. An event at NKU called Yell Like Hell.

UPDATE: It's 4:58 p.m. in the east (as the flamer Sheppard Smith would say in his overearnest cub reportery tones) and you people have given The Pure Investor Blog a grand total for today of 12 hits. That makes me sick. What kind of people are you, really? I hope your ashamed at yourselves. I've got a meeting at 6:00. I'll check in later. DON'T disappoint me. Time to knuckle down!

Stay You.
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