Thursday, February 09, 2006

Almost There

Here's another article I did for the Enquirer.

The Newport/Bellevue area seems to really be taking off. This article is just another example. I'm sure this reno will be on HGTV, too. Alot of renovations around here are. Scripps, who owns Fine Living and HGTV is HQ'd in Cincinnati so I guess it's real easy for them. The resurgence is just like I imagined when I moved in in 1999. I could feel it then. I'm sure that what I felt was the positive attitude of the people and the 10 years of groundwork community leaders laid down. Now, instead of people thinking strip joints, hookers, and crack houses when I tell them where I live, people are starting to think of us as lucky that we moved here before prices started to climb. Kinda cool.

It falls in line with my own feelings right now. The last few months have seen a nice increase in income. Debts are being paid down, improvements are being made, big decisions are being finalized. Things seem to be coming together for us. Almost there. Just a few more months of this and I think we'll be there.

Stay You.
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