Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Crunchy Cons

I've been waiting for this book to come out for a while. I don't lightly plunk down money for a new issue hardcover, but I read the original article that Crunchy Cons is derived from and want to know more.

From Opinion Journal:
Mr. Dreher is also a passionate environmentalist, a devotee of organic farming and a proponent of the New Urbanism, an anti-sprawl movement aimed at making residential neighborhoods more like pre-suburban small towns. He dislikes industrial agriculture, shopping malls, television, McMansions and mass consumerism.
While that's not totally me, I'm closer to that than what most people think Conservatives are. I don't dream of a 55" plasma screen. I don't want the 1/2 acre kitchen, the cathedral ceiling living room, the oversized yard with muddy grass or the 45 minute drive into the city where I never ever go to a museum, art exhibit, or play.

I want to have a nice home. I want well educated and well rounded kids. I don't want stress. I don't want worries. I want to surround myself with nice things - literature, art, music, food, wine. I want the ability to pursue whatever interest whimsically enter my head.

I stand by the fact that this is one of the greatest countries in history. Our freedom is unparrellelled. However, when I look at the suburban dream, I grow a little sick. Compared to any time in history, we have the ability to explore our minds and souls with relatively free access to the wide range of the humanities.

And America watches Fear Factor.

From the Opinion Journal piece:
Mr. Dreher offers no detailed blueprint for cultural renewal, some may dismiss his book as just another lifestyle manifesto. This would be a mistake. Like it or not, Mr. Dreher raises concerns that will not go away. America today is more broadly free and prosperous than any society in human history. We are gloriously "free to choose." But choose what?
Yes, choose what? I've made my choice. I fear the choices of others.

And just to drive Moonbatty nuts, I really can't wait for this book.

Stay You.
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