Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Just Don't Get It

Americans were attacked and declared a War on Terror.

Peggy Noonan has a piece in today's Opinion Journal regarding TSA inspections at airports. "It's all show." is her conclusion.

The Mexican Border is still porous as ever.

Canadian border guards are unarmed and scardy cats.

Now a UAE wants to purchase the ports - I know they won't do the security - but they are one of those religion of peace countries that keep blowing things up and hacking off heads and burning down danish factories. Bush charges that opposition is based on racism. I don't wilt when Dems/Libs charge that I won't wilt when Bush does. You can't tell me it's not easy getting your wacky cousin Amed a job at one of these ports when you own the ports and for Amed to spread some cash to longshoremen to overlook a certain container.

I don't get why we have these obvious and very public security gaps. I further don't understand why we don't make the UAE and any other Arab/Muslim country do a very public act of contrition and confession before allowing them to cash in further.

I voted for Bush because. 1) the alternative was just silliness, 2) I like a platform of lowering taxes and killing terrorist.

But when the next attack comes - and it will - if the representative of the religion of peace that sets off the bomb came via Juarez or Vancouver or as a stow-a-way, Bush should be reviled by all.

Stay You.
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