Sunday, February 26, 2006

Love, Sex, and the IR$

I'm doing my taxes today. I bought Turbo Tax which is ok to use. If I followed the advice I give to clients, I'd drop off the junk at a CPA, write a check for a few hundred, and be done with it.

But I find that clients expect a modicum of knowledge of tax law and sitting down and doing it is the best way for me to learn what's going on in that world. An article or a class doesn't stick with me.

So I got the first run through done and I owe a few thousand. My income is up. I paid all my quarterlies, so I'm praying there's a mistake somewhere. If not, tonight I'll write a big stickin' check to the feble gubbermint and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, swear, curse, and have a nice tall rum and coke.

Like I tell me clients, the only people who don't complain about taxes are poor people.

Just to top off this mood. Here's a play advance I did for show called Love, Sex, and the IR$.

Stay You.
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