Friday, February 10, 2006

Multimillion Dollar Hilltop Homes

Here's my latest story for the Enquirer. These homes (see pic on link) are perched on Wiedemann Hill which is a large hill in Newport Kentucky overlooking the surrounding area. You can look down into Great American Ballpark and the city or look down onto a bunch of non-$1MM+ homes like mine.

A lot of people don't like them. I love them. They raise the tax base. My taxes stay low. I like them.

The three guys listed are designers. They do a nationwide business. If you're looking to build, here's their website. I spoke with Mike Studer who was very willing to share credit with the builders and interior designers, etc. Also, he was emphatic that they were not architects. They are residential designers. he must have repeated the point 4 times. The architect association must have one hell of a goon squad.

Next time your in Lowe's or one of those stores. Pic up a copy. The photospread starts around page 84.

Stay You.
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