Monday, February 13, 2006

Pastor Pisses off Parishioner

The whole family went to church together. First time in a long time. Usually I bail. Work to do. On Sunday mornings my rythms are in work mode and I usually can't abide just sitting.

But on Saturday, I went over all my tax documents to make sure I was ready for that process, fixed a dripping sink that has been bugging me for several weeks, installed a new oxygen sensor in the Divine Mrs. Mrs.'s Car, fixed her dome light also, and worked in a load of dishes.

So my rythms were in a contemplative mode on Sunday. To make it even nicer, the Divine Mrs. M. didn't have anything else to do this Sunday. No kid's church or alter set up or anything like that. We sat their together. Nice, quiet church. Kind of nice.

Then the pastor gave a sermon which at another time would have really pissed me off. It was all about the demonization of the "other". How using phrases like "evil empire" and "axis of evil" or even "Islamic terrorist" serve no purpose but to further distance ourselves from others. Christianity is an inclusive religion, blah, blah, blah. Really? Have your read John 14, verse 6? Anyway. But what do you do about people who want to kill you. Also with, Reagan with the Soviets, Bush with the terrorists, or Churchhill with the Nazis, they weren't talking about the people but the governments. I think there's something in the liberal mindset that can't seperate the two.

We called the nazi's evil because they were, but once they were beaten the US funnelled billions into rebuilding Europe then decades protecting it from the Soviets. When the Soviet Union collapsed we didn't seize the opportunity and march into Moscow or seize the Siberian oil fields. And not matter the crazy moonbat types, the war for oil claim is simple silly on the face of it.

But I was in a good mood and let it all roll off my back. He's a nice guy and my daughters like him. 4-year old Harper runs up and hugs him - she has from the first day. 8-year old Dagny actually speaks to him - which is strange for her to do with a man other than me. Maybe it's because he looks alot like my father. He's also done nothing but good for our church. I'll give him a pass on his politics from the pulpit.

Then last night at 9:30 the head of church council called Alicia to say that Pastor has had a massive heart attack. He's 58. He walks mini marathons for fun. Married for the first time about 5 years ago. He's spent most of his life in the clergy specializing in helping small marginal churches turn themselves around or close up shop. Rough work.

He's in this pic I did for my second newpaper story. He's the guy in the Roman collar. If you're the praying type - please do so.

Stay You.
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