Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Police Chief Love "Beautiful and Historic Bellevue"

Here's an article I did on two local police chief's attendance at a cop school in Eastern Kentucky. Actually it was a graduate level year long school.

Both were very friendly. I guess I started out writing that because I never expect cops to be friendly. I have a few friends that are cops and there always - at first - seems to be a reticence or hesitation on their part. These guys were downright gregarious.

I spoke with the taller guy (see photo) first. He told me that in conversation Chief Cole of Bellevue would never just say Bellevue as in "In Bellevue we administered that policy...", Chief Cole always says "In historic and beautiful Bellevue we administered that policy..." Apparently he said it so often that it became a running gag at the school.

When I finally spoke with Chief Cole I let him know that "I live in beautiful and historic Bellevue". He laughed hysterically. He said that he didn't use the phrase just at the school, but everywhere he goes.

Stay You.
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