Friday, February 17, 2006

Sludgy Week

Slow week of posting.

I had three articles to get out and my normal day job to keep track of. I was off on Tuesday and can't seem to get caught back up. On Tuesday, I helped the Divine Mrs. M sort girl scout cookies for her troop and then went to a prayer vigil for our Pastor that evening - Happy V Day!

Pastor Tim Hungler died on Wednesday. I wrote an obit for the Enquirer. Everybody is down because of it. When the obit runs, I'll post it.

Last night I went to a tournament basketball game Daughter #1 was in. She doesn't get alot of floor time. She's a bit timid and inches shorter than most of the other girls, but she's in there trying. More than I ever did.

There have been two large projects hanging over my head and I'm going to get them done this weekend. I don't care if they are half assed and fouled up. I just want them done and out of my head. They're weighing down my psyche. If they are not completed by Sunday night I will summarily execute them.

Stay You.
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