Thursday, February 02, 2006

Those Wacky Mooslims

Apparently this is one of the pictures of the prophet hat are causing all those crazy Mooslims to go nutty. Who knew that the Mooslims had such a tempter? Oh, I forgot.

Like I said before, these dudes need to calm down. Take a smoke.

Be more like us.

Here's a story from something called the Cyber News Service about an episode of The Divine Mrs. M's fav Will and Grace. The frothy gay comedy is going to have a skitch just before Good Friday where guest star Brittany Spears does a cooking show called Cruxi'fixin's.

Offensive. Yes. But only to people that don't matter.

We don't take religion seriously and we're the worlds only hyper power. You're a bunch of sand eating religious fanatics. What have you ever gotten from Allah? Sounds like nuttin'. We've got Brittney Spears. We've got Jessica Simpson. We've got Jennifer Aniston. And their pic are plastered over the ailse of every grocery in America. Who's God love now?

As for Will and Grace: B-list celebrity guests? Offending people who don't watch the show anyway? Releasing gags well in advance of airing to whip up the Jesus freaks? Ratings slipping? Any more and the Divine Mrs. M will hurt me.

Stay You.
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