Friday, March 10, 2006

Coroner/Pub Owner

This story for the Enquirer about a local pub owner winning an award from the local police chief's association was culled mostly from a press release. It was edited heavily. Seems like a nice guy. I went into detail on several cops that were also honored at the same time. Maybe that will be seperated into another story.

Mark Schweitzer is my coroner. Here's a profile I did on him. The story is fine, but here's the lede I submitted:
The brick house on North Fort Thomas Avenue is full of life. There’s the five young kids, the two cats and two dogs, the young mom. It seems a contradiction that the 39 year old father is often the last public official many Campbell County residents deal with. He is Mark Schweitzer, the county’s coroner.
Yes, the guy has all that in his house...and he seems like the most mellow guy ever. He also coaches his kids basketball team. I think Daughter #1 plays them tomorrow.

I met Mark about 10 years ago when we were first becoming active in politics. He obviously moved up and I got out, but we've stayed in touch by waving as we pass in cars, or at the grocery, or at some local event. He replaced the legendary - at least around here- Doc stine. Doc is still alive in his 90s. I said hi to him at a Chinese place a couple weeks ago. Doc Stine is legendary because of his handling of the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire which took place about 1/2 mile from my house and killed about 165 people. A former military base mess hall served as a morgue. It's now a popular hall for wedding receptions. Sad event.

When you get caught up in national politics remember the people who will really have a huge effect on your life. Sure, fiscal policy and the direction of the judiciary are important, but more so by many magnatudes is the cop who has your neighborhood as his beat, or the fire chief that's going to manage the guys that come to revive your kid, or the coroner who is going to sign your death certificate. If you don't think a coroner's important, then you don't remember Cincinnati's last one. Here's what he let go on.

Stay You.
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