Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free Speech In Retreat

I'm a big free speech buff. But then again, who isn't? It's sort of like being for a clean environment. Sure, everyone is for it. It's the execution that counts.

Want some examples? Here you go.

Want to burn the flag? Go ahead. Want to burn the flag on Memorial Day? Go ahead. Want to burn the flag on Memorial Day at Veteran's funeral? Go ahead.

Want to have an anti-war protest outside Walter Reed Naval Hospital? Go ahead.

Want to protest outside an abortion clinic? Go ahead.


I do think that when you do those things you upset people a whole lot and if you get your ass kicked, the kicker shouldn't necessary be punished.

This video is the best example of my free speech stance. Want to flip off a cop for fun? Go ahead. But when the cop does what any man - cop or no - should do, don't get upset with the cop.

So I'm a bit nervous when religious zealouts scare Walden and Borders enough that they won't carry a magazine with a picture of Mohamed. Pee your pants all you want about the religious right, but if you've ever driven through Bible belt Georgia, you can hit a strip club every 2 miles, buy porn mags, and even a Koran and no body really cares enough to do anything more than cluck their tongues.

This September when Banned Books Week comes around, I know I'll see a table with plenty of Huck Finn and Fahrenheit 451. I just hope they'll also have a copy of the April edition of Free Inquiry magazine.

On the government front, it looks like Republicans are going to cave into more speech restrictions by appling the facists McCain-Feingold law to 527s. From the link:
Adds Cleta Mitchell: “The thing that is so discouraging is that my party, which opposed McCain-Feingold, has become the party that throws in with the guys who want to regulate everything. It just gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.”

At least it's not a US thang. In Canada, the Muslim's get government funding for suing a newspaper for publishing those cartoons and in if an evangelical Christian says that homosexuality is wrong...he may be going to jail.

Anybody going to stand up to this? Anybody?

Stay You.
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