Saturday, March 18, 2006

Friends of Bellevue

Here's an article I did yesterday that I missed. It hits a little close to home.

My wife and I will be joining the "Friends of Bellevue" soon. Seems like a nice proactive group.

Bellevue is the perfect town for me. As you can read from the article, Bellevue has about 7,000 people in it - 1 square mile. But it's connected (see map) with larger neighbors Cincinnati, Newport, KY and Covington KY. I can walk to Reds and Bengals games. A world class art museum can be seen from my back window. It's in Eden Park (see map) with a few more downtown. Convenience of a larger city with the government (and responsiveness) of a small city.

Here's an article for the Enquirer someone else did. The accompanying picture is classic Bellevue - all the back alleys look like that, but its not a great ad for a B&B.

Stay You.
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