Friday, March 03, 2006

Hot, Sexy Fireman

Yes, this post's title is trolling for google hits.

Larry Atwell, the fire chief of the city next door to mine is retiring. I did this profile for the Enquirer. I didn't ask his age, but he became a fireman in Louisville during the Eisenhower administration.

No, he's not a Hot, Sexy Fireman, but he is a man and seems like a happy man. Unlike alot of people I have to interview, he appeared to love his job and didn't seem happy about having to retire. Damn spinal cancer!

Even though he is old and in a wheelchair, I felt a bit unmanly around him. He's charged into fires and lead men. Cool guy.

That got me thinking about manliness. I don't feel like a manly guy. I've never gave thought to playing football or basketball in school. I've never been in battle. As the Bard put it:

"hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us"

There is a type of guy where I do feel very manly. Rush Limbaugh a few weeks ago read this post about the neutered male. That voice. The voice of the passive teacher's assistant or the ideal male non-profit social service employee. I can't think of any good examples right now. The dad from Family Ties had it to a certain extent...and now chest. I know these guys and had been unable to put into words what's wrong with them. This guy has.

So I ask the question. Do women notice this voice? Do they like it? It makes me want to smack hell out of the guys who use it. Or at least steal their lunch money.

The only problem with the post is that the Joel Stein in the picture looks exactly like me at 17. Ewwwww!

Stay You.
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