Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lunch With My Editor

Ok, that headline just sounds nice. "What'd you do today?," the wife asked. Oh, not much," I replied. "Lunch with my editor." Call me silly, but that sounds cool.

But Tricia is my former editor and it's not like I was contributing to the New Yorker. It was the Sunday Challenger, a now defunct news weekly for the 500,000 people in Northern Kentucky. But the paper did make the Enquirer focus and cater to NKY more. At least I feel a difference. Before it felt what I assume Rhode Island feels or New Jersey. Media dominated by Boston or NY or Philadephia news. Always an inside section.

Tricia gave me her thoughts. Nothing shocking really. Just ran out of money. The big money pulled the plug to stop the bleeding.

The editor Tom Mitsoff posted a nice piece on his website (not IE friendly) with a pic of some of the editors and reporters. Tom's in the back in the blue shirt, Tricia's in the red shirt. They were pretty much the only two I dealt with. Nice folks. Tricia has already got a job at the Taft Museum downtown. Cool place. An old home on some greenspace. It's downtown surrounded by concrete and skyscrapers. I hope Tom lands somewhere where he can throw me some more work.

Since they're nice people, the Divine Mrs. M. and I have invited them along with several other folks to our April 1 Gin & Tonic Party in Support of General Foolishness. I'm trying to figure out a way to live blog the event and not be a dick host.

Stay You.
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