Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Marianna Vardaka

I want to know more about this story. The female head of gynecology at Jewish Hospital - one of Cincinnati's finest hospitals - storms the house where her former married lover - a car salesman - and his wife were holed up.

Tops in her field and undone by that ol' green eyed monster. This part I loved.
The Amberley Village [think: cha-ching] woman - who stands 5-feet-3 and weighs 104 pounds - also struggled with a deputy. While handcuffed in the back seat, she also tried to kick out a door window of the cruiser, deputies said.
Call me crazy, but I think if more people went all Glenn Close when they're screwed with, then there'd be less people screwing with each other. I don't see enough street fights anymore. If you're rude, somebody should take a poke at you.

Stay You.
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