Wednesday, March 08, 2006

South Dakota Destroys the Republican Party

There's two facts that I know for sure.

1. There's not nearly as many people animated against abortion as they say there are. They know it's wrong, but they really don't want it to go away.
2. Middle class America loves it's own welfare benefits (mortgage interest deduction, child care credit, public schools, public universities) and wants more of them.

How does this tie in to South Dakota destroying the Republican party? Easy.

Roe v. Wade has given many of the American people political cover to be pro-life. It's easy for middle America to say it's pro-life, donate occasionally to some church group, vote Republican when there doesn't see a chance in hell of any infringement on abortion.

They can have abortions for their 14 year old daughter if the case ever arises while also feeling morally superior for saying their pro-life.

If SD's recent law outlawing almost all abortions makes it's way to the 9 supremes who then overturn Roe v. Wade, the abortion issue will be tossed back to 50 state legislatures. These folks are closer to the people than any congressman (I saw my state rep at a Burger King the other day). After a few sessions of rancour, most states - even the bible thumpingest - will allow most abortions. Sure partial birth will be gone - but can anyone defend it? There will be a clause in each state's law like SD's that allows for abortions in the case of the mother's health or mental anguish (a child that's wanted brings mental anguish).

The pro-lifers will look at their shoes and claim victory...and the same amount of abortions will continue.

With the Republicans not providing political cover anymore, there's one less need for them.

That goes to point 2 above. The dems will shine on this buy reverting back to pre-1973 times when they effectively labeled Republican's the stingy party. Dems propose something, the Repub say yes but not so much, the Dems say "You're stingy" and the measure passes. It is then increased the following year.

If the Dems could only be taken seriously on national security, they would then run the table.

Personal Note: I am against abortion. I do believe it's infanticide. I am puzzled why it's such a big issue when I can look out my office window and see 4 places that I can pick up some kind of contraception.

Stay You.
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