Monday, March 27, 2006

Wine Festival Weekend - The Aftermath

We're home. got in Sunday from the hotel about 12:30 - packed off the grandparents about 2:00 then reclined in a prone position watching various teleplays until it was time to wander off to sleep.

The wine festival was good. We actually found an ohio wine that we enjoyed. I've always wanted something close to home to know (no, I don't remember the name, but I took a pic of the label and the Divine Mrs. M. wrote it down.) anyway. they had a good white and a very nice ice wine. More details about wines later - maybe.

We weren't blittering drunk this time. I didn't even cop a buz until the last hour. Yes, we're a bit more sophisticated - or else that early dinner at Margarita's helped.

After the festival we headed back to the hotel so The Divine Mrs. M. could change. Then back out again to the The Havana Martini Club for - get this - dancing! Salsa dancing! or at least a close proximity offered up by my very non-salsafied ass.

It's a nice place. An grown up place. Meaning there weren't too many "kids" hanging around. And by "kids" I mean more people our speed who actually dance on the dance floor and don't dry hump their way out of the slow rise jeans or have the now ubiquitous two girls about to make out on the dance floor but never do - not that there's anything wrong with that. But we felt like being around grown ups. As the Divine pointed out - not one backward baseball cap in the entire place. Of course, they had a great screening process - $10+ martinis. You gotta be grown up enough to afford the drinks. We'll be heading back.

As for today, a slight delayed hangover has set in. A couple of meetings, one at 6 tonight. Just going to take it easy and load up on the ibuprofen and caffiene.

Stay You.
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