Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Egytpian Chicken

So in order to help her troop earn a merit badge for appreciating different cultures or something like that, The Divine Mrs. M. asked her brownie troop what foods they would like to try from around the world.

I may not have the story right, but it's close enough for the internet.

Anyway, she assumed she'd get off easy and hear Mexico! Italian! American! said badge could be earned realitively easy. However her girls said things like Ireland, India, and - for purposes of this story - Egypt.

Being a troop leader good and true, The Divine Mrs. M hit the net in search of Egyptian recipes. She found one, served it to the kids and liked it herself. It's strands of chicken with some kind of seasoning served on a long stick slightly larger in diameter than a tooth pick. (See comments section later for the recipe from her - if she has the guts!)

She then served it at our little get together on Saturday night. But nobody ate it!

Their loss. I brought the remainder of the batch - serving plate and all - to eat at work.

Long story short, after eating said Egyptian Chicken, I must not have been careful with those serving sticks. One somehow ended up on my chair. Upon sitting down, it pierced my favorite pants and punctured the skin of my left buttock. Jumping up, I yelled "F&^K" or something like it. I now have blood stained and torn pants in the general area of my ass. I'll be guest staring on Prison Break next month.

Egyptian Chicken. It's cursed!

Stay You.
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