Monday, April 10, 2006

Enquirer Article/From Whence Comes Wisdom?

Here's today article for the Enquirer. I thought I did a nice job. She looks nice. Was nice when I interviewed her. However, the accompaning photo is indicative of the NKU campus. All that concrete in the background? That's what the whole place is like? Or under construction.

We had our Gin & Tonic party on Saturday. Four couples showed up. Good time had by all. I pictured an elegant get together. Nice talk, etc. And it was, but folks - with me leading - did enjoy alot of G&T, and vodka tonics, and comso, and wine and beer.

I'm days away from turning 36. I can't shake hangovers like I once did. I awoke on Sunday feeling ok. Tired, a little bit sore, but clear headed. I pitied the Divine Mrs. M. who had so sing in the choir at church on Palm Sunday. I bailed with the kids. But by 3:00 I got clobbered and still feel a bit yellow.

My grandfather once told me that when he was young he couldn't wait to be older with his friends since being older they'd be filled with wisdom and they could speak at an elevated level. He said he was so disappointed that when he retired that the same guys who were idiots when they were young were just as stupid. Wisdom doesn't come with clicking over the odometer. The hell if I know where it does come from though.

Nothing to do but trudge through the work day, gobble aspirin, and self medicate with massive amounts of caffiene.

Stay You.
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