Thursday, April 13, 2006

Free Speech and Theocracy

When I was a junior at R. Nelson Snider High School, I remember group of kids praying at lunch. I think there were 5. I remember the skinny mid-30s assistant principle forcible breaking them up. Public schools and all. Then there was some announcement that praying could be done before or after school hours. Otherwise, the jackboot of theocracy would stomp us all.

I didn't care. The kids were dorks and I wanted to sneak booze and hit on girls. (more successful in the former)

Now I read about how GWB and his cronies are imposing a theocracy on us all. When people junk like that I know right away their just a little stupid...and have never been in a theocracy.

Anyway, it's official. Comedy Central caved on showing the prophet Mohammed. The episode did finish with GWB and Jesus literally (in cartoon world) getting crapped on. If you want to write about the looming theocracy and the fear it causes, you better look in the right direction.

Stay You.
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