Thursday, April 06, 2006

Here's today's article from the Enquirer about a new Dean at NKU's College of Arts and Sciences. Seems like a nice guy.

I was feeling like my writing was getting a bit stale which leads to thoughts of the Enquirer dropping me to thoughts of the funds no longer being their to thoughts of living on the street desperate and broke with my wife and daughters driving by in the new daddy's BMW on their way to some restaurant whose garbarge can I regulary visit for breakfast scraps. If you don't understand how my thoughts got there, then you haven't read that post earlier this week.

I submitted a story yesterday I thought was especially bad - it sounded like advertising copy. I let my editor know. He responded via e-mail. I won't quote, but the word perfect was at least used.

So then I was happy. No dumpster diving for me.

But I do need another challenge. I was reading Cathy's Seipp's blog, and her daughter has a piece on my favorite site - NRO - here. She's still in High school and writing for NRO. How cool is that? Now that would be cool. A piece done for the magazine considered the belly of the beast of modern American conservatism.

Stay You.
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