Tuesday, April 04, 2006

NKU Astrobiologist

Here's an article I did out of today's Enquirer regarding an undergrad astrobiologists doing a presentation in D.C. Apparently it was quite an honor for an undergrad to be asked to present so I did a story.

The professor pictured- Helen Bullen- next to the article took issue with some points. I received an e-mail from her this mornining. I forwarded it on to my editor at the Enquirer, but I'll also set the record straight here. She wrote:
The article about Ariel Bennett was great. It is very exciting that she attended the astrobiology science conference last week. She is a student with a lot of talent and is doing some very exciting research. I do want to point a few items. The project Ariel is working is a collaborative project between Hazel Barton and myself. I was highly disappointed and concerned that I was not properly identified in the article, listed as only assistant professor in the picture caption. (Sentence regarding feedback on someone else was here, it's not my place to put feedback for others here) The article should emphasize Ariel, but it should not fail to recognize the collaborative efforts of this project. Perhaps you could consider running a correction or addendum. I appreciate you publicizing the research and scholarly activity at NKU. I hope we can work with you in the future in publishing the great undergraduate research conducted at our institution.
So there you have the life of a low level freelance journalist in Cincinnati.

Stay You.
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