Friday, April 14, 2006

NKU Cross Display Destroyed

Besides links in prior posts about the destruction of the NKU Cross display. The Kentucky Post has some additional info here. choice quote:
Jacobsen said she felt "horribly violated" by the display, saying any woman going through the process of abortion "should not be slapped in the face by her university by calling her a scarlet woman."
The NKU student newspaper The Northerner has their own take as well as a picture where they claim the professor is tearing down the explanatory sign. Other photos of students destroying the display.

The new faculty pro-choice group said this:
In a letter to The Northerner, signed by Nancy Slonneger Hancock, a member of The Educators for Reproductive Freedom, Hancock said that the group "neither knew about nor participated in this act of vandalism, and we most certainly do not condone it." Hancock said that the group sees the cross display as "protected free speech, no matter how strongly we may disagree with the message. It is of the utmost importance that we all respect each others' free speech rights."
Stay You.
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