Friday, April 21, 2006

Random Thoughts - Unasked for Advice

Advice to those with child.

I just turned 36. My daughters are 8 and about to be 5. Time to reminesce. It's been fun. They're good kids. Not that anyone has asked but a bits of advice I would give to anyone expecting kids.

1. During pregnancy and the first 3 months or so - be greedy. This is time for mom, dad, and baby. grandparents, friends, work, etc. will want - nay, demand - their way in your lives. They'll have years to catch up. This is special time.

2. After six weeks, put yourself through the wringer and ask someone to stay with the baby for a night- or at least an evening. At least for the mother at this point - you are clinically insane. You need time away. You might not be able to part for the night, but at least try. This is only going to help with sanity.

3. Get therapy now. This is personal for me. Having a kid brought to life alot of memories I had either rationed away, repressed, or simply forgotten. I wanted to kick the ass of many people - teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles... Start now on getting a bit healthier - at least for the baby.

4. Remember: from the time of conception (tweak), a child is it's only human being. Too many parents think of a kid as merely an only an extention of themselves. That's cool when it's all needy and cuddly, but at 12 or 13 and independence sets in then it's like ripping a parent's arm off. Start thinking now - they are not a part of me. They're their own people.

Stay You.
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