Thursday, April 13, 2006

She Was Asking For It

Two contrasting articles in the Enquirer earlier this week. This one is about a new exercise studio that teaches pole dancing. You know, like a stripper. It helps women achieve that childhood dream of contorting like a monkey in front of leering buzzed and stoned men hunkered down to get a good view and maybe spend $30 for a dry hump or more.

Thank god that time has come.

But for those women who would like to see what the exciting life of an exotic dancer is and Gypsy just seems to old fashioned. Maybe they should go talk with one of these women. They went to do some dancing out in a nice suburb and got raped by a guy.

But that kind of takes the fun out of pretending to be a pole dancer.

Two quick:
Strippers, porn stars, and hookers - my libertarian instincts says "who cares?" But when I give it some serious thought, these women must be in some serious emotional pain to want that kind of life. It's not a victimless crime. It seems pretty obvious that these women were victimized by daddy or mom's boyfriend or Uncle Jake playing grab ass. Oh, and don't give me the crap about paying for law school, etc. I've yet to find the stripper/hooker turned high priced corporate lawyer (and I do have some professional knowledge about the life they lead). Just ask yourself: what would it take for you to walk the streets or drive to the suburbs and strip for a guy in his house? The $75 this guy was paying?

Observation Two:
The stripper got raped? This is a word problem I've had for a long time. Yes, I know no means no. But calling a rape a stripper who was dancing naked in the bedroom of some guy who was naked who hired her a "rape" discounts the woman jogging in the park who gets dragged behind the bushes and gets raped or the naive girls who thought it would be fun to date one of those nice Kennedy boys. I'm not excusing or denying the pain involved. But come on? Is it the same?

Stay You.
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