Monday, April 17, 2006

Worst Senator Jim Bunning ?

Time just called one of my U.S. Senators an "underperformer" in an article about the worst U.S. Senators. See here.

To be honest, I don't know what he's done. I also don't follow the senate that well, but I'd probably watch or read anything that had his name on it. So maybe he is one of the worst. The one big policy problem I had with him was from his house days when he voted against NAFTA. But that was 12 years ago.

I've spoken to him a few times. When I was active in politics, I became the Chairman of the county party through some untimely resignations. For about 2 weeks, I had to attend a few meetings and convince someone more qualified to take the job. She did. One Saturday morning, during those 2 weeks, Sen. Bunning called me requesting a status. I was sitting at my computer in my pajama bottoms only eating some rice crispies. The converstion was brief but it taught me how quickly I can get intimiated by a Senator, at least that Senator.

I've met my other Senator Mitch McConnell a few times and he's not intimidating. But then again he's only about 5'9". Jim Bunning is a very large, very broad backed 6'3" with a piercing intensity.

Our kids play in the same sports leagues as his grandkids. I once saw him very angry at someone before he joined a parade. Some of grandkids ran up out of nowhere and tackled him in a hug and the man visibly melted into a giddy puppy dog.

Kind of cool to see a senator like that.

Stay You.
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