Saturday, May 27, 2006

Graduation Day

The Enquirer is doing a series of light formatted pieces on high school graduations in Northern Kentucky. Here and here are a couple of examples. Quick short reads. Somewhat humorous. Probably nice for the grads. Nice change from the usual.

Last night I was assigned to cover Boone County High School's graduation. They held it at NKU. I brought along Dagny since Alicia took Harper to a dance recital dress rehearsal. That's tonight. All Dag's wanted to see was them throw their hats in the air. After 1 1/2 hours she got her wish. It did look cool.

I stayed the whole time just in case anything newsworth happened I wouldn't look stupid to my editors. This guy was going to graduate with them but instead decided to shot a chick on the highway. He was listed in the program but not mentioned.

Two blocks from home I passed Gilligan Stadium where Bellevue plays football. I didn't realize they had their graduation that night. I wondered if the Enquirer was covering them. We're small. Then I thought I should have offered to cover them. Then I could have just walked.

Got home about 9. Banged out the story in about 25 minutes. E-mailed it to the night editor. Called her to make sure she got it. Alicia got home. We all went to pick up some Greek food, ate it, then hit the sack.

So who's do you like better? Here's my piece on Boone County High School. Here's the other piece on Bellevue. Mine was highly edited. I'm sure the other guy's was also.

Stay You.
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