Saturday, May 20, 2006

Howard's Week in Review

Got alot done this week. I'm sending out a mailing to my clients about an event in hosting on June 10, I crossed a minor milestone in client assets under management on Monday - then lost it with the market's downturn.

On Tuesday I went out to Falmouth Kentucky, county seat of Pendleton County (3:1 Dem to Rep registration). Kentucky had its primary on that day and the Enquirer needed somone to look at a sheet of paper they post and call it in. They didn't offer enough at first to drive the 45 - 1hr to get there, but then made me an offer I couldn't refuse - more money. I got there about 6:30. I'd called the clerks office and was told they should have the vote count done by 7:00. They were done at 9:30. Then I had to get some quotes and do a couple brief interviews.

Three hours of standing in the middle of Nowhere, Kentucky taught me that I we must embrace Federalism more. These a hugely different people than in Cincinnati - and many of them work in Cincinnati. Why should they live under the same laws as those in Washington State, or Manhattan, or South Carolina.

Anyway, after I called in the results, my editor slammed together this story for the next day. Later they published this story on the race that I submitted.

Here's a nice story I did on a cool police program in Alexandria Kentucky - a booming suburb in beautiful rolling hills about 15 miles due south of me. The guys I spoke with really seemed to love what they were doing and helping out. Nothing but praise...and I can usually sense b.s.

I then did this story about the non-tenured (No PH.D.) instructor of the year over at NKU. I love women like her. Older ladies who are happy, look good, take care of themselves. No pretense. Nice to speak with. Glad she got the award.

Then yesterday I picked up Dagny from school and we went to see President Bush. Two thousand packed a small auditorium. We were about 13 rows back - but on a elevated bleacher so we had a great view. Dagny was thrilled and excited. Even jaded me with my grumbling about new medicare entitlements, lack of border control, huge gov't spending yelled. And it wasn't only me. Several local dems were in the audience. I saw them cheering just as loudly.

The presidency carries with it so much star power.

He spoke about the war on terror, the horrors of Darfur and what the US is doing there, then addresses NKU specifically and some new programs to make the US internationally competitive. I have my doubts, but what the hell. At least I didn't hear "religion of peace" or some other formulation. Three times he referred to "those who would prevert a great religion", but I have no idea what the Da Vinci Code had to do with his visit. He did repeat over and over again about how "Good people can disagree" about the economy, war, taxation, education. I remember getting tired of hearing this during the debates with Gore.

Admittedly I've always had problems with Bush's speech pattern. I could at least understand how the moonbats could claim he's an idiot in the face of facts degrees from Yale and Harvard and learning to fly a fighter jet and unseating a very popular governer in Texas and winning a second term and then winning the presidency against a sitting VP during a booming and superficially peaceful time then win reelection.

But after about 10 minutes, you got the rythem (sp?) of his speech and if flowed. It's a bit like seeing Shakespeare, it take a bit to get into the pentameter, but then it make sense to the ear.

Here and here are two stories the Enquirer's political reporter did. Something Moonbatty might be interested in. The 5 minutes or so he gave to Darfur were totally missed by all local media that I saw.

A note on the protesters. I've seen plenty of protesters but these seemed angry in the extreme. and there weren't as many as I expected. I went out of my way to walk past them to give a little lesson on dissent and if you don't like what the pres is doing we're free to say so. Then they scared Dagny. These people were in a frothing rage. That'll go nowhere.

Maybe pictures later. I gave Dagny control of the camera and things turned out a bit....

Stay You.
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