Thursday, May 18, 2006

Immigration/Seeing Bush

In my book I called immigrants the high octance fuel of the U.S. economy. I'm very pro-immigrant. Also in my book, I wrote that the rule of law is a necessary component of a free and prosperous society.

So where do I fall on illegal immigrants? To answer that I have to bring in another topic - the war on terror.

The big bone I have to pick is that from what I've read, it wouldn't take much to dramatically stop the border jumpers. Before 9/11, I wouldn't have given a rat's ass about a fence. However, it presents a HUGE security hole. While there are many such holes, I think this would be the easiest to penetrate. I don't know the border areas - of the south or the north - but how hard would it be with a little pluck and skill for a Ryder truck full of something ouchy to get across somewhere along the line?

If we can send 500,000 men to topple the fascists in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect the US, couldn't we put up a self-respecting fence to keep them out? I know this would stop millions of honest illegals just looking for work in order to block a handful of jihadists, but - sorry Juan - thems the breaks.

As for the ones already here... Yes, I do believe in the rule of law. the illegals should respect that...but so should we. We haven't enforced our immigration laws in years. Should some poor Hondoran respect them more than us? A law ignored and unenforced is not a law.

So what to do with the ones here. first, build that fence. Start registering all that are already here. They have 5 years to become legal in a relatively quick process. If you're a criminal or felon or some other undesireable, you get tossed across the fence. Once that 5 years has passed - no damn break.

Oh, and one other thing, I keep reading about Congress's plans to level fines and punish employers who hire illegals. The government doesn't do it's job of monitoring and protecting the border - something the employers and paying for - and the employers get fined? Isn't that kind of sick? Shouldn't the employers expect the feds to do their job thus anyone applying for a job is a legal?

Oh, I just picked up my tickets to see Pres Bush tomorrow afternoon when he visits NKU. I'm taking Dagny with me. This will be either of 3rd of 4th time she's seen him. her comment last night was "It's sooo boring every time I see the president." Wouldn't it be great to be that jaded at 8. "...every time I see the president." Made me laugh...and proud.

Stay You.
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