Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Let's Get Small

Let's get small was a comedy bit off this Steve Martin album I use to listen to at my friend Matt Koogler's house in 6th grade.

That's what I want in life. Just to get small.

Just the family and me in my little house in my little town. Nothing fancy, nothing big, I don't need anybody to "help me out". I jsut want to get small - a good dinner, a good bottle, nice music and nice tv shows. that's it.

Somebody e-mailed me this again. I know Apple is a big company and they're picking on MS but MS seems like a company that has a casual day and each division, department, subgroup and cubicle pod has to develop a people driven mission statement that reflects the group's values and women come around to have you sign people's birthday cards and out of the blue the company transfers large numbers of people whilly nilly to get some tax rebate from some slack jawed municipality that's horny for an employer. Oh, and they buy birthday cakes for people. And when you do something extra special, they hand out $20 gift certificates to shitty restaurants with 47 tvs and road sign - road signs for god's sake - hanging on the wall.

That's not a life. I need to get small. Do my thing. It's harder in ways but if I'm going to hell like many say at least I'll have a soul to feed the flames.

Stay You.
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