Monday, May 22, 2006

Need A Kick Start

I'm in one of those periods where everything seems like an endless loop of work.

There's a scene in that early 80s movie Conan where the bad guys chain a young Conan up to a mill of some sort to help push it with the horses. The screen dissolves and you see him age from a slim kid to a the Terminator. that's what I feel like - except for the muscles - and if he was pushing that thing for 10 years or so wouldn't he develop on one side - would he be not so symetrical?

Anyway, I need to log some serious mental downtime. Some time where there's not "things-to-do". Quality time of staring at a cathode ray tube in mindless oblivion without interruption.

Random Memory: I met my aunt Winnie a few times. She was confined to a wheelchair. A hottie in her youth - I saw the pics - at about 30 her body started curling up from some severe arthritis. One day she got stuck somewhere in the house. While trying to pass the time until help can she picked up an old Conan book - she was addicted. I remember her playing scrabble and reading Conan books.

Happy Anniversary to The Divine Mrs. M. and me. 17 years! Ok, not the real "wedding" anniverary but the anniversary of our meeting. The anniversary we celebrated for several years until we married. The anniversary I still - after 10+ years of marriage - think of as our anniversary.

Ever lost a kid? Maybe you could buy one of these. I wrote the article. This doesn't seem like a hard product to get to market, but what do I know?

Bush's visit to NKU got on the front page of the NY Times. Here's a story. Look at the pic. I'm shook hands, sat down and talked with two of the people in the photo. Congressman Davis and NKU Pres Votruba. Bush keeps stiffing me. Jerkface.

Stay You.
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