Monday, June 05, 2006


Here's something that needs to be said: If you believe black cats, broken mirrors, walking under ladders and not throwing salt brings bad luck; if you believe the military is covering up UFOs, there was a man standing on the grassy knoll, the Catholic Church is hiding Jesus, Jr.; if you believe knocking on wood prevents spoken ills from happening; if you believe the stars have any say whatsover on your life; if you rub a rabbit's foot or hang a horseshoe over your door; if you believe that saying bless you stops a person's spirit from escaping or a flash on light on a photo is a ghost or a creak of a floor board is a ghost and not a cat; if you've ever seen the Blessed Virgin in a tortilla or on the side of a building; and finally, Finally, FINALLY: If you have any fear of Friday the 13th or the stilly trick of the calender that - almosts - makes out the number of the beast...GROW THE HELL UP. It's the 21st Century.

It's thinking like these that dunks witches in rivers, makes physicians into voodoo practioners, and sends planes into World Trade Centers.

Man and his mind has turned back the night, overcame gravity, split the atom, fended off most diseases, and put TIVO in my living room!

Stay You.
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