Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Abortion Post

When I read or watch anything with the abortion debate it usually sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher to me. Nothing new is ever said. Same arguments I heard in college are the same as now.
Then something pierces the cloud of boredom (hate to get all metaphory on you) light a bolt of lightening and jolts me. This piece has been going around a bit.

Here's my initial comments on Nobrainer's blog. I reviewed it to see if I would change my inital reaction...and I wouldn't.

Hate to sound mean…but here I go.

While dating-long ago-I always chose to use two - one, two - forms of birth control. Not once did I miss. Never even came close - even drunk.

I didn’t find it that much of a problem. Also, I’m 36. Only when I was in my early 20s did you not have to ask the pharmacists for a rubber as we called them then. Now you can get them at my corner gas station-next to the candy bars.

How hard is it for kids - or 42 year old broads - not to get knocked up?

Abortion is not going to go away. As this attorney proves, we're a nation of Homer Simpsons. I'm paraphrasing here:

Apu: Homer, when you and Marge decided to have children....
Homer: Decided? You don't decide to have kids. They just DUIs.
Abortion is here to stay because we just can't be bothered to get contraceptives.

KLo at NRO has a follow up here.

Stay You.
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