Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Leaning on Lileks

I'm leaning on today.

I was told by a cop once that people don't get mugged as much because people don't carry cash as much. In many cases, a crook wants to grab some cash and be done with it.

I spent way too much time reading this this morning. Good story. I love - don't know what a sidekick is - technology. If I was ever tempted to keep something I found, I am now cured of that.

Driving up to the west side this morning (yes, you do drive up to the west side. the long east-west line is uphill all the way) I was behind a car with a bumper sticker that said Bush=Fascism. There was also one that said Give Peace a Chance, Celebrate Diversity, Work for Peace and Justice, and that old chestnut Free Tibet (ok, how?). Has a bumper sticker ever changed anyone's mind? Anyway, lileks had some snaps from a 1930's musical. Check out the flag display. Ummm, now that's good fascism. No. Not really. Fascism is an iron grip on society's cultural and economic activity. Not - as it's become - a shorthand for something you don't like. Facism often leads to mass graves - though not as many as the commies - not a conversational trump card to end arguments.

I've just finished reading The Killer Angels and Gods and Generals. I'm just starting The Last Full Measure. I think the charged political climate of today has nothing to do with Florida/2000 or the war. I think it's a paucity of historical perspective. Even educated people don't know history - much less step outside of themselves and see it from their perspective.

53,000 men died at Gettysburg in 3 days. 58,148 were killed during all of Vietnam. I'm just saying.

Stay You.
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