Saturday, June 17, 2006

Long Day Saturday

It's Saturday morning and I feel like getting alot of work done this weekend. The Divine Mrs. M. has some kids stuff to do at our church all day and I've got a briefcase full of work so no time to nothing of much interest going on in my brain.

Today's Enquirer printed this story I did on Danielle Hart a recent Gateway Community and Technical College Grad. The Enquirer has asked me to help cover Gateway and Thomas More College in addition to the work I've been doing on Northern Kentucky University.

I have started working for another publication. A few months ago hung over in a hotel room on a Sunday morning after the wine festival, I was flipping through the program and began to wonder who writes this stuff? I should be writing for it. Maybe I could make a buck and get some backstage access to wine festival events. I called the guy listed as the editor of the program. I told him I'm a writer and wine fan and he thought that was wonderful because the people writing for the program aren't wine nuts. Since the next wine festival was a year off he did have some other jobs for me. He runs special sections for the Community Press.

The Community Press runs these little community weekly papers around town. They're owned by the same megaconglomerate that owns the Enquirer, but their focus is local, local, local - down to the block. This is apparently what people want to read about.

Anyway, I started writing for a monthly advertising insert they do. It's in magazine format full of ads to sort of sound like news stories. The editor of this pub sends me some material on the business who bought the ad, I put a story together, work with the purchaser (they change my beautiful writing), then submit it. Here's this months westside edition where I not only wrote the Kayak piece on page 11 but took the photos of the garden center on the front page and page 5.

Stay You.
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